This is not an animation but a time-lapse filmed, incredibly and single handedly by my amazing friend Travis Stanton. Like a dolt, I forgot to give the editor, who was a volunteer, Travis's name for the credit. So sadly he is not credited in the video. I lack the editing skills to fix it but hope to have a proper version one day. None the less, it was an amazing experience to organize over a dozen artists to tell the story of the BP pic spill in a three stage live painting event. Would be great to do something like this again some day 

This is a short animation that I did as part of a collaborative alphabet with Portland's ASIFA. Each animator got a letter. I chose Q. I attempted to animation it in stop motion with a free app on my phone. It came out ok but there was a lot of light flicker. a friend of mind ended up helping me capture it in After Effects (which i don't have)

this is a test I did to see if I could use a free app on my iPhone to do some green screening and stop motion. It's not super polished but it got some interesting effects. I think it would work with certain styles of animation.  

This one was created using a still drawing and a folded piece of paper for the butterfly. It's a simple stop motion but I think it creates a simple effect. 

 a couple more animation experiments in Gif form. 

 Here are some stop motion Tests that I did on th cheap. Most of the supplies were purchased at the dollar store. The "rig" holding the skeleton is actually an articulated lamp. 

playing around again with stop motion and free form 2-d animation. I put it to the song "Drivin' Wheel" by Robert Gordon